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A "Botox Party"

is one of the most fun, lighthearted and eye opening evenings. It usually opens up dialogue with different age groups and social circles on what we are doing to take care of ourselves as wives, moms and working professionals with busy lives. It’s interesting to hear how "Botox" chat spins to chemical peels, facials and other ways we can take care of ourselves, which spins into talking about workouts and gym recommendations to hairstylists and babysitters. It starts to turn into an evening about well-being and how to achieve a healthy lifestyle – and to look good doing it. 


Our office or in your private home.


Minimum 5 clients.

$2000 minimum spending required. 

Book with a Host deposit of $500 which acts as a service credit for the evening (deposit can be split between clients). 


Wine & Appetizers

Appetizers and wine provided, or you may bring your own, or host it BYOB&A

(the host will receive a 5% host credit). 

You may also choose to have it catered by a local Hyde Park Restaurant.

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